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First of all, if we have to introduce ourselves, we will say that we are an agency. When working in a single way, in many cases from work errors. In order to ensure the highest service to you in the shortest time and at the lowest cost, we have created a skilled and experienced team in each case who will be with you 24 hours a day. The only purpose we have to work together is to make sure you get the most out of your service and to present our work to you in a more perfect way. We are also ready for any custom Development needs about any Business.

Our creative intelligence combined with technical expertise keeps business moving online.

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Degital Marketer


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Graphic Designer

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Full Time Graphic Designer


Part Time Graphic Designer


Digital Marketing Expert

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Full Time Digital Marketing Expert


Part time Digital Marketing Expert


How It's Work

Run Campaining

When we need to hire any freelancer for our company then we ran an ad campaigning through social media. The interested candidate can apply for the job by clicking our shared link or visiting our website. After you full fill the form you will get an email.

Selection Process

The selection process goes on two steps. In the first step, our selection team will exam your cv and other details and if they consider you that you are eligible for the job then they will contact you. Then you need to pay $1.45 or 125tk to confirm your application. In the second step, our team takes a zoom interview of yours. If you pass in this step you are an employee of Elicon. Your Job detail will be reached at your address by post.

Work Strategy

We have Clients all over the world. But most of our clients are from the USA, Europe, and Canada. Our Company Take the project from the Client and make the project done by our employee. Most of our employees are freelancers and they are generally from Bangladesh and India.

Quality Pass

After the completion of the project, our employee submits the project to the company. The support team will exam the project and if it was done perfectly then the support team will submit the project to the client. Otherwise, they return the project and told you where it needs to correction.


If you are a full-time employee your salary will go to your bank or your other submitted account within 3-8th date every month. Our part-time employees receive salary after the don of every project. When part-time employees submit any project then 70 to 80 percent of the budget of this project will go to their bank or other accounts within 48 hours.

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